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Finding information about this product is difficult because there is no official website for this product. Further, is it unclear who the manufacturer of this product is? However, those who are selling Anatrim claim that this product can help you fight obesity and help those who haven’t become obese lose a few extra pounds. However, there are plenty of reviews about this product online and the majority of them aren’t very good. This product can be bought for $85 after you try a one-month free sample trial.

The Good

One thing that we liked about this product is that there are a ton of reviews about this product. This makes it very easy to access what people think about this product and gauge how effective it is. Another thing that we like is that there is a full list of ingredients for Antrim. This allows us to see what exactly is included in this product, if these ingredients are effective, and if they are using the correct dosage of each ingredient.

The Bad

One unfortunate thing about Anatrim is that it does not have an official website. This makes it very hard for us to find information on this product. Also, there are a lot of reviews on this product, but the fat loses the majority of them are negative, which leads us to believe that this product has poor customer satisfaction. Further, in order to advertise this product, they use SPAM which is unsolicited and very annoying. Another thing that we didn’t like about this product is that we couldn’t find any clinical tests on this product.

The Skinny

All in all, we aren’t quite sure about this product. Because there is no official website, it is hard for us to determine what is fact. Due to a lack of information about this product, we do not recommend it. We recommend trying a more credible product that has an official website that can be easily accessed and gives you all the information you need

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