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Anatril is a weight loss supplement based on the idea of blocking carbohydrates. They advertise that you can eat the foods you want and not worry about the calories. This product is designed to decrease the number of carbs and sugar that your body absorbs from the foods you eat. It also highly markets the use of acai berry which has been a very popular weight loss ingredient. So is it really as great as it sounds?

The Good

It contains some very good ingredients that have been clinically proven to increase weight loss. It also contains all-natural ingredients that will not have any adverse side effects. We also like the idea of being able to eat certain foods that are usually off-limits while dieting.

The Bad

Although the main ingredient in Anatril, Phaseolus Vulgaris has the potential to be effective, we really doubt the concentration is high enough. The website listed the ingredients but did not provide us with the amounts of each ingredient. We really can’t tell how effective they are. We also thought that the fact that it highly advertises the use of acai berry is a drawback. That ingredient has not been shown effective in weight loss even though it is a great antioxidant.

The Skinny

This product has a lot of potentials, and we like the ingredient list more than many of the other weight loss supplements that we have reviewed. The only thing we didn’t like was not being able to know the amounts of each ingredient. There is really no way for us to know how effective this product is.

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