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AnadroxProduct Details

Anadrox is supposedly the only product of its kind. It was designed to help you achieve the look and weight loss results you have been looking for. Supposedly, Anadrox is the first supplement ever created that uses a combination of a fat-burning matrix and also improves your muscle strength. They claim that this product can do both simultaneously, and that is why this product is such a hot commodity. And of course, more muscle means a naturally higher metabolism and a lower percentage of body fat in general.

The Good

This product does include some good ingredients. Content such as banaba leaf extract, which is included in this product, has been proven to control your blood sugar level and help to control your cravings. Other ingredients such as 7-keto have been proven to help you burn fat without the use of stimulants and only using a small 200mg. Further, there are amino acids included in this ingredient list that help feed your muscles and add nutrition to the body.

The Bad

Although there are some ingredients included in this product that has been proven to be effective, there are too many blends in Anadrox to count how much of each ingredient is being used. And there is no way with all of these ingredients that you could get the right amounts. Honestly speaking, many of the ingredients such as banaba don’t really directly promote weight loss, and there are really no lean muscle builders in this. No, amino acids don’t actually build muscle.

The Skinny

We do not recommend trying this product. Not only has Anadrox not been proven to be effective, but it is also far overpriced for what it offers. There are a ton of different products on the market that could be way more effective in helping you to accomplish your goals, and you can probably find them for cheaper than what you are looking to pay here.

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