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Amphedrine is a weight loss supplement from Sports One. At first glance, it seems the same as Amfedrine. Those are not actually the same product. The name sounds exactly the same, but they come from two different manufacturers. Amphedrine is highly marketed in sports magazines as a fat-burning, energy increasing pill. The main ingredient is Hydroxyephedrine HCL which is supposed to be a powerful fat burner and is considered an extreme weight loss ingredient. It also contains other fat burners and energy boosters, but let’s see if they really do what they claim.

The Good

Amphedrine contains a few ingredients such as Synephrine HCl and caffeine which have been proven useful as energy boosters. However, the amounts of synephrine are not very high. We also liked that a full list of ingredients and their amounts is listed. It is important to know exactly what you’re getting. We also liked that there are really no negative side effects that have been shown with these ingredients.

The Bad

Amphedrine does not contain any effective weight loss ingredients unless you count caffeine which is in virtually every weight loss product on the market. The main ingredient, Hydroxyephedrine HCL has not been shown to promote weight loss. We also couldn’t find any sort of money-back guarantee. With a price as high as they are selling for it is important to have some sort of guarantee.

The Skinny

We don’t see how Amphedrine could be useful as a fat burner. It may help to increase energy, but that is done only through caffeine. Overall we see this as an ineffective weight loss supplement. It may be helpful for athletes trying to boost their workouts but it will not be helpful in weight loss.

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