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AMP Pre-Post Training Pak is the formula that claims that you can get all the greater results you want and need. Apparently, this formula will help you to effectively achieve greater endurance, energy, power, and recovery all in one, and each cutting edge package will help you to get the clinically proven ingredients and combinations you would need for maximum workout results.

The Good

We do agree with some of the ingredients. For example, they have both black tea and green tea, which could ideally be speaking burn more fat while also improving your natural energy levels. Likewise, they have cayenne, which is a mild thermogenic fat burner.

The Bad

The ironic thing is that they really don’t have anything to boost muscle energy, recovery, or muscle growth for that matter. They don’t have any of the ingredients, even creatine for that matter, that are specifically meant for muscles, workouts, and what they claim that they are trying to target. They have just enough caffeine to cause related side effects. But they do not actually have enough to promote weight loss results.

The Skinny

We would not recommend using AMP Pre-Post Training Pak. It does not give you the results you are looking for, and it does not give you any benefits in general. AMP Pre-Post Training Pak is a waste of time and money for anybody because it does not have clinically proven ingredients in the clinically proven amounts or anything else. So obviously, we would recommend that you use something else.

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