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AM-5000 is first an energy supplement with “secret energy ingredients” and second an “amazing weight loss formula” capable of powerful and multi-functional results. According to AM-5000, it is made to do just about everything under the sun, helping you to improve your health and elevate your mood too so that you can live your life to the fullest possible extent.

How AM-5000 Works

Garcinia ExtractGarcinia cambogia has one of the highest requirements of any ingredient at 1500mg. But if used correctly, garcinia Cambogia can burn a significant amount of fat and help you to lose more weight.

Caffeine – Caffeine increases natural energy levels while simultaneously burning fat.

Kelp – Kelp can burn fat, and it has certain healthy antioxidant benefits. But kelp is unlikely to promote significant weight loss results.

Chocomine – Chocamine is a natural derivative of chocolate that has been used to promote both antioxidant and fat burning weight loss benefits

Green Tea Extract – Green tea increases energy while also burning fat because of its caffeine content. And it also has healthy antioxidant benefits.

Guarana Extract – Guarana has been used to increase energy levels. But interestingly enough, it doesn’t actually promote any weight loss benefits.

Schizandra Extract – Some say that schizandra has a positive effect on the liver and immune system, and some have used it to fight insomnia and infections.

Vanadium – Vanadium is most commonly used to control blood sugar and therefore cravings. But it doesn’t actually promote fat burning or other weight loss results.

L-Tyrosine – L-tyrosine can be used as a natural amino acid to feed the muscles and therefore help you to maintain healthy lean muscle mass.

The Skinny

AM-5000 uses a blend of ingredients that actually has quite a few healthy weight loss ingredients combined with other complementary substances that promote other benefits along the way. The only problem is that AM-5000 uses a small and currently undisclosed proprietary blend. And unfortunately, this tells us that AM-5000 doesn’t have enough of anything to actually promote those results.

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