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Alvidar is a weight loss supplement designed to target the thyroid as the main weight gain culprit. It is also marketed as an iodine supplement for those with under-active thyroids. This condition is also known as hypothyroidism. This product contains good sources of iodine but has not been endorsed by many doctors to treat hypothyroidism. The question however is, does it actually promote weight loss.

The Good

Alvidar has no stimulants and a, generally speaking, healthy formula in general.

The Bad

The only time when improving the thyroid might affect weight loss would be if you had a thyroid disorder. And half the time with that, you would end up gaining weight because you have an overactive thyroid and your metabolism would slow down. This being said, the high majority of people do not have a thyroid disorder, and realistically speaking, if you do, you need serious medical attention, not an iodine supplement. Most people with a thyroid disorder experience modest weight loss or weight gain. But generally speaking, it is the other symptoms that tend to garner a fair amount of attention and worry. Alvidar does not actually promote weight loss.

The Skinny

Alvidar is not a product that we would recommend for weight loss or hypothyroidism. Frankly, taking a “natural” approach to something like a thyroid disorder is a foolhardy endeavor, to say the least, and self-diagnosing is just as potentially harmful. This being said, if you think you have a thyroid disorder, and you will have various other symptoms, you should visit your doctor and get tested. If you want to lose weight, the best approach would be a diet and exercise plan with a good weight loss pills

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