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As the name suggests, Aloecran is a weight loss supplement that uses cranberry and aloe vera as the main ingredients. Both aloe vera and cranberry have been known to have numerous health benefits. Aloe vera is usually known as a topical get used for sunburns. Cranberry has long been known for its power in curing urinary infections. But the question is, do they actually come through in terms of promoting weight loss results.

The Good

Aloecran contains many ingredients such as aloe vera, cranberry, and fibers that are all very good for the digestive and urinary systems. In terms of general health and stomach issues, this could be potentially helpful.

The Bad

Although the ingredients have been proven to help with other digestive and urinary tract issues, they have not been shown to aid in weight loss. There are no fat burners, or ingredients to increase your metabolism. It may help you get rid of a urinary tract infection but will have no weight loss benefits. And frankly, the average user isn’t exactly buying this for UTI’s. If they were, it would also be advisable to get a prescription approach as well.

The Skinny

AloeCran is stimulant-free, and it has a certain number of health benefits in general. However, what it lacks is weight loss power. AloeCran does not help you to burn fat, stimulate metabolism, suppress appetite, or otherwise show results in general. It is just another waste of time and money, and you would be better off finding something else that would actually give you clinically proven approaches.

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