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Alli is currently the only FDA approved over the counter diet pill. It claims to block fat and basically helps you to adjust your lifestyle. According to them, it is not a diet pill, it’s a lifestyle change, and it’s only for the committed. In fact, it apparently doesn’t help you to lose weight, it just aids you in making that change over to a healthier lifestyle.

The Good

They have FDA approval, which means they have been through a long and arduous process, to say the least. They are also available at many natural Diet Weight Lose retailers across the country such as Costco & Walmart among others. They also provide you with a little booklet to guide you along your journey and give you ideas about what to eat.

The Bad

Alli causes some seriously embarrassing side effects such as suddenly pooping with no warning. This leads them to suggest that you wear adult diapers. You basically can’t eat any fat, even good fat that you really do need, and like they’ve said it doesn’t actually promote weight loss. This is partly because all clinical trials with the prescription amount showed little to no weight loss, they use 1/2 that amount.

The Skinny

We would not recommend Alli, especially considering the FDA is currently looking into the possibility that Alli and it is prescription form Orlistat may cause serious liver damage. Its so-called trials are weak at best and make us wonder exactly why they would even approve it in the first place. Alli promotes frankly unhealthy diet changes, to say the least, that you could not possibly keep up. You would be better off even with the Atkins diet.

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