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Akavar 20/50 is a European diet pill that helps you to lose weight with the ultimate fat cure. It apparently has now moved to the US to give you the same success European dieters have seen by restricting your caloric intake and basically making it so you lose pounds and inches without having to count calories or otherwise.

The Good

They have a gel and pill available to give you options. They also talk about a very basic and generally safe method of action that would help you to lose a certain amount of weight and change the way your body responds in general so that you can eat less in the future.

The Bad

Their advertising is tacky, to say the least. There are a greater number of thin Europeans because they have portion control and as a general rule don’t spend their time at fast-food restaurants. In essence, they care a bit more.  body control They don’t reveal the ingredients on their site, and when you find them you see why. They are seriously deficient, to say the least, and they even try to hide their presence of caffeine. They don’t use sufficient amounts at all, and this all leads up to no success.

The Skinny

Akavar 20/50 is not a proper formula. It doesn’t have any of the right amounts, and its ingredients are common, to say the least. They don’t even really reveal full information. You would be better off using just about anything else, and you wouldn’t have to deal with this in general. We would suggest trying something else with better advertising at the very least, more honest advertising in general.

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