African Mango Plus Reviews

Have you ever heard of African Mango? It’s one ingredient that many are starting to capitalize on, and unlike acai, products like African Mango Plus that use African Mango never use “free trial offers” or other scam tactics! Yes, African Mango Plus still has a flashy website promising everything in one. But why not when you have an ingredient that can literally do it all!

About African Mango

The African Mango has been around for years, and it’s generally found in West Africa. It has been clinically proven to burn fat, suppress appetite, increase energy, and promote health and weight loss in a number of other ways. You just need 150mg to get results with African Mango, and you’re set.

Of course, don’t forget, you should never use any ingredient on its own, no matter how strong. Nothing works for everybody, and realistically, every ingredient can be strengthened with the right combination of other ingredients. Even if it does work for you, it could be better if properly combined with something else. How does this apply to African Mango Plus?

Caffeine & Green Tea

Caffeine and green tea have been long known and publicized as popular and effective weight loss supplements. Both burn fat, both increase energy, and green tea has its own set of healthy antioxidant benefits to go along with that.

The sticking point is the fact that African Mango Plus only uses about 200mg of each. Green tea on its own requires at least 400mg, and caffeine likewise requires at least 400mg on its own. Obviously, African Mango Plus has only half the required dose of either one. And yet, either one could still cause side effects.

Does African Mango Plus Work?

African Mango Plus does not have the clinically proven amounts of most of its ingredients. But it has the clinically proven amounts of African Mango, which really only requires about 150mg. Most if not all products that use African Mango use the clinically proven amounts. African Mango Plus is no exception to this, which means that African Mango Plus could work.

But with only one ingredient that actually has the clinically proven amounts, you could still do better. It never hurts to be absolutely sure, and while African Mango Plus is not a bad product, it’s also not the best.

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