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African Mango Advanced is not so much a product of its own as it is an African Mango product. It doesn’t necessarily establish certain benefits or particular reasons why you should buy African Mango Advanced and not some other African Mango product. Instead, it focuses on all of the supposed benefits of African Mango.

But considering the fact that the only ingredient in African Mango Advanced is African Mango, clearly African Mango Advanced does this for a reason. It supposedly has 600mg of African Mango, and it makes you wonder, does African Mango Advanced actually have what it takes?

The Benefits of African Mango

African Mango is a unique fruit that has been through a number of different tests. It has been through human clinical trials to prove its benefits, and this cousin of the common mango can act as a powerful fat burner, appetite suppressant, and energy supplement in one.

It can help you to lose more weight and is also controls an obesity hormone commonly called leptin. African Mango only actually requires a dose of about 150mg three times daily. But African Mango Advanced has 600mg in every single dose, adding up to about 1200 a day between 2 doses.

Side Effects of African Mango

With something this powerful, you would think that you would also have to put up with side effects. It does have plenty of fiber, which can potentially cause problems with a little too much regularity. But it typically does not have any serious side effects.

The Skinny

African Mango Advanced uses a blend of one ingredient. So it would definitely be better if you were to use other ingredients that can help you to get potentially better results. And it does not necessarily have many of the nastier side effects. African Mango is definitely one of the stronger ingredients, and at this point, it’s really the only point we can focus on being that African Mango is the only ingredient in African Mango Advanced.

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