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Though not typically discussed, there are actually two basic types of detoxes. Most of the time, we review detoxes meant to promote weight loss, increase your energy levels, etc. But emergency drug detoxes are also extremely popular. Products like Affirm Detox target people who may be smoked a little weed over the weekend, only to be informed by an employer, parole officer, etc. that they are scheduled for a drug test the next day.

We’ve heard of medical detoxes before. A lot of serious programs for drug addicts use detoxes to get patients off to the right start without all of the weeks of withdrawal. And technically, those do work. But Affirm Detox is not medically supervised, and you are taking a risk. Affirm Detox has a money-back guarantee. But I doubt that will matter if it’s your parole officer is the one requesting the drug test. What are your chances? Let’s look at the ingredients.

What Does Affirm Detox Have?

Uva ursi leaf extract – Used as a diuretic in some cases, uva ursi has been popularly used in a lot of different detoxes, and it can have that effect. But it is extremely popular in quite a few natural detoxes

Dandelion root – Dandelion root is again one of the most popular and effective cleansers found in many popular detoxes. It can flush out toxins and bacteria, and ideally resin from drugs.

Parsley leaf – Parsley can be used as a relatively popular enema, and it can be used to control high blood pressure. Essentially, it increases diuresis, moving waste, water, and other substances out of the body.

Rice protein – Rice protein is a natural protein capable of feeding the muscles. We’re not entirely sure why Affirm Detox would use this, being used primarily as drug detox. But it has its uses in healthy weight loss if that’s why you are using Affirm Detox.

Alfalfa leaf – Alfalfa has been used in herbal medicine for years, and it has been used to treat digestive disorders and kidney problems. In other words, if this detox is uncomfortable for you, alfalfa might ease some of the digestive issues.

Apple pectin – Used as a gelling agent and stabilizer in foods, apple pectin is also known for quite a few fiber-related benefits. It has been used to fight constipation and diarrhea, basically again helping you to fight some of the side effects of a cleanse.

Red clover leaf – Used mostly to reduce the effects of PMS and menopause, we’re not entirely sure why Affirm Detox uses this.

The Skinny

If you want to pass a drug test, the best policy is to stay away from drugs. This being said, we do know that there is a market for this kind of product, and some people have passed drug tests by using products like Affirm Detox before. Affirm Detox, in particular, has a relatively simple formula that has detoxifying ingredients mixed with ingredients that are mostly meant to make the cleansing experience a little more pleasant. As far as we can tell at the time of this review, this product has as good a chance as any other at helping you to pass applicable tests.

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