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When I started reviewing Advocare ThermoPlus, I was expecting to see a revolutionary blend of ingredients like Super Citrimax and other patented ingredients. After all, that’s what I’ve seen when reviewing some other Advocare products, and most companies recreate similar products under different names. This can be good or bad.

But Advocare it seems has a more diverse range of products than most. The problem with this is that the patented ingredients that Advocare has used in other products are effective and even exceptional! Advocare ThermoPlus, on the other hand, has only one clinically proven ingredient, and it’s an extremely common one at that. But don’t take my word for it, just see for yourself!

The Minor Things

I’ve seen this product time and time again, under different names of course. It does not have a full ingredients list, its only active ingredient is some kind of caffeine, and it does not have the clinically proven doses for real results. None of this is particularly uncommon and therefore not all that horrible. But I expect more from products that want to be serious competitors.

The More Major Factors

I consider the complete absence of customer reviews to be a serious problem. I scoured the internet, looked through various review sites, and nothing. The worst products attract serious complaints. Even mediocre products have plenty of consumers willing to complain. And while people are more likely to post bad reviews than good, good products still attract quite a few good reviews.

Advocare ThermoPlus on the other hand, NOTHING! It’s one of those things nobody cares, and if you want to get your money back, you should act fast. After all, a company like this could go out of business at any time! But after thinking about this for a minute, we realized that Advocare doesn’t have a money-back guarantee anyway, a sure sign of a NO CONFIDENCE brand.

The Skinny

I have praised Advocare products in the past. fat Slim had some pretty impressive ingredients and a blend that really stood out with patented ingredients, clinical studies, and more. But when I considered everything, I realized that Advocare Slim was not as great as it seemed. Advocare ThermoPlus, on the other hand, is pretty obvious right from the start. 1 clinically proven ingredient, caffeine side effects, and no results sound like a real winner right? You can find better options. It’s just a matter of looking.

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