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Ever since Dr. Atkins came out with his low carb revolution, everybody jumped on the bandwagon. I have no doubt that bodybuilders knew about it before. Bodybuilders of the past have been known to use what I refer to as the “egg diet.” All you eat is boiled eggs, which are obviously rich in protein and exclude carbs. Others traditionally follow a more sensible low carb diet with occasional “cheat” days, etc.

The Problem

The Atkins diet was the first one, which was followed by the healthier South Beach Diet (which was developed by a South Beach heart specialist). But low carb diets fell out of favor because low carb diets are hard, even impossible for some! It’s hard to eliminate all carbs for even 2 weeks (phase 1 of the South Beach Diet), and even when you add in so many servings of carbs, it’s hard to avoid pasta, bread, pizza, and even fruit!

The Solution

That’s where products like Advocare Carb-Ease come in. Carb blockers supposedly stop your body from absorbing a certain percentage of your carb intake, therefore allowing you to eat one more serving of carbs, make up for the times when you mess up, and maximize results of a stricter low carb diet plan, or at least that’s the idea.

Advocare Carb-Ease as a Solution

The debate with any diet pill is always, does it work, is it worth it, does it cause side effects. Carb blockers are typically safe because caffeine-based ingredients are not typically used to block carbs. Most use blood glucose controllers not to block carbs, but to eliminate cravings, even though ingredients like cinnamon and chromium do not directly promote weight loss. And some use carb blockers like white kidney bean extract. The only problem is that clinical studies do not support carb blockers. Consumer reports sometimes do, but not studies.

Advocare Carb-Ease has ingredients like chromium. This formula actually uses Gymnema Sylvestre and l-arabinose. But Advocare Carb-Ease does not really use carb blockers. To its credit, Advocare Carb-Ease does use a caffeine-based fat burner, green tea. And green tea has plenty of healthy antioxidant benefits to boot. But there is no logical reason that a carb blocker should use green tea, especially when Advocare Carb-Ease does not use the clinically proven 400mg. But I’m not surprised when I think about all of the other carb blockers I have seen in the past.

The Skinny

Advocare Carb-Ease seems pretty simple. How can you really go wrong? The ingredients are cheap, if the product fails, you can always blame the consumer for not using the right low carb diet, how could a company really ask for more. Products like Advocare Carb-Ease have blamed the consumer down to an art. There is no logical way that Advocare Carb-Ease could promote clinically proven weight loss.

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