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Advatrim claims that you will be able to burn away fat and lose weight without having to struggle through various issues.  They claim to provide the ultimate alternative to ephedrine without the side effects and without any of the other issues with ephedra, such as legalities.  This being said, they claim that this revolutionary formula will enhance energy, performance, metabolism, and otherwise.

The Good

They have citrus Aurantium, which has been pushed as the alternative to ephedrine.  They also have green tea, which is the most studied ingredient on the weight loss market and thereby the most proven at this point in time.

The Bad

Advatrim leaves out some of the basic and yet important facts of the matter.  They have one total weight loss ingredient known as citrus Aurantium! And unfortunately, they don’t even bother using the clinically proven amounts of that! The other ingredients are preservatives, vitamins, and otherwise ingredients that have nothing to do with weight loss or fat burning.  In other words, this is a poor alternative to ephedrine at best and it does come with side effects. It’s definitely not something we would ever recommend.

The Skinny

We would not recommend using Advatrim.  It does not show you the results you should be looking for, and there are far better products out there that could actually show you greater benefits.  This formula is essentially a copy of their other formula known as Hoodiadrene, and we would suggest that you use another formula entirely. Because with this, you will not lose weight, you will only suffer side effects.

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