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Sometimes, we swear we could dedicate an extensive review site to acai products alone.  Even with the economy in the state, it is with acai products falling off the market in record numbers, there are still literally hundreds of options out there, claiming that acai is the next big miracle, the #1 superfood, featured on Oprah, and used by stars.  They all claim the same things, that it burns fat and detoxifies the body.  Advanced Acai is one of the more popular ones that will probably outlast many others, and they claim to “help you achieve your weight management goals.” They even give you the main ingredients.

The Good

While acai is not a weight loss review or detoxifying ingredient, their other two ingredients are weight loss ingredients technically.  Green tea, as you may know, has gone through extensive research, and there’s a reason why.  It’s been proven once, it’s been proven multiple times, and if any natural ingredient should be FDA approved, in proven amounts, of course, it’s green tea.  Likewise, Asian ginseng has also been proven to promote weight loss.

The Bad

The problem is that green tea requires about 400mg.  It’s cheap.  But still, they like to cut corners.  It’s like housing developments built since the ’90s.  They wanted to save money to a point where they would cut an improvement that would have literally cost than $10 more.  Green tea doesn’t even cost that much, obviously since most diet pills don’t cost $10 total to make.  But this being said, they’re more likely to use a measly 10mg-50mg to cut costs without telling you.  And this doesn’t help you.  The fact that they focus on acai, a product that doesn’t even promote weight loss in any amount, speaks for itself.

The Skinny

We would not recommend using Advanced Acai or any other acai product for that matter.  They use what’s called a “free trial offer” to draw you in and then start sending you expensive auto-ship orders, usually in about 14 days from date of order, and that’s not business days just in case you are wondering.  This being said, companies always do this for a reason.  They do this because they already know very well their product won’t give you results and will cause side effects.  We would recommend choosing something outside of Advanced Acai.

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