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AdrenEVOL is an energy and weight loss supplement from Evolution Labs. It is designed to give you energy, increase your metabolism, and increase your mental focus. By combining all of these with a few other advertised advantages, AdrenEVOL is designed to help your body burn more fat without getting burned out during your workouts. None of the claims seem too far fetched, and the ingredient seems pretty safe. So let’s take a look and see if it really will help you burn fat.

The Good

It contains a few different B vitamins, Vitamin C, and some other great mood-enhancing ingredients. B vitamins are great for improving energy and memory. The ingredient Vanadyl Sulfate has been shown effective in controlling blood sugar. Overall it probably has some good advantages for your health.

The Bad

We couldn’t find any ingredients that will actually help you burn more fat. There are a few ingredients that have been shown to provide good results, but they seem to be in very small amounts in AdrenEVOL. We would call this an energy supplement, but don’t see any reason to call it a weight loss supplement.

The Skinny

AdrenEVOL is not a bad product. It can most likely provide some good results, and help you increase your energy. You may feel less drained during your workouts, and having ingredients to control blood sugar may help to curb sweet cravings. However, you will most likely not see significant weight loss results with this product. Even though it is a reasonable price we wouldn’t promote this product. We recommend looking for a product that can boost your energy, but also contains proven fat burners. Products that can do both do exist on the market. You just need to shop around. The best part is that they can be found at affordable prices.

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