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Adipren 720 is the same product as Meripren 720. It is a weight loss pill that claims to help you lose 19% of your body weight without exercise. Now that caught our attention. No matter what diet pill you are using, exercise is always an important part, and claiming help you lose that much weight without exercise is a red flag to us. It claims to be able to work just by suppressing your cravings for sweets and by increasing your metabolism. This Adipren 720 doesn’t sound like the most legitimate weight loss supplement to us so we decided to check it out.

The Good

We really couldn’t find anything good to say about Adipren 720.

The Bad

There is a serious lack of information on Adipren 720. Frankly speaking, Adipren 720 sells and advertises through spam emails and only spam emails, which are actually illegal in the United States. This being said, they don’t actually have a legitimate main website, and therefore you cannot really find any type of ingredients list or otherwise. The simple fact that they claim to promote weight loss results without diet and exercise speaks volumes in and of itself.

The Skinny

Adipren 720 is not a weight loss pill that we suggest you try. Realistically, they sell through illegal mechanisms of action, because they know that it doesn’t work. They know that their product wouldn’t really sell otherwise, because people on a normal basis ask more questions than they aren’t actually willing to answer. How can you really demand answers from a spam email? This said we would recommend that you find something else.

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