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Adipo-X is a fat burner that supposedly attacks fat from seven different angles. One way it works is to alter certain hormones in the brain to stimulate epinephrine and norepinephrine which signals the body to use fat as energy. It also increases fat breakdown through several other mechanisms such as increasing cAMP, inhibiting fat storage, and increasing metabolism. These all seemed like effective ways to burn fat to us, but we thought we would see is Adipo-X contained the right ingredients to actually do all that.

The Good

Adipo-X contains Glucomannan, which has been shown in the right amounts to effectively speaking suppress appetite for greater weight loss results.

The Bad

The biggest problem we found with Adipo-X is the fact that it doesn’t actually have the right amounts of anything. For example, with glucomannan, it requires about 1000mg or more, whereas Adipo-X ends up using nowhere near that much. Then there is the fact that they use yohimbine. Yohimbine is a natural aphrodisiac that has never actually been proven to promote weight loss or even really studied. However, case reports have established that yohimbine if used in only 10mg, could cause heart attacks, strokes, renal failure, and other serious side effects.

The Skinny

Adipo-X may help some lose weight ideally speaking. But that would be unlikely. The reality is that the portions of active ingredients used would be more appropriate for a rat than they would be for a human, and some of the ingredients aren’t even related to weight loss. But they are potentially dangerous. So we would advise you to find something else.

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