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Adipex is a generic form of a prescription appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement known as Phentermine. It is a stimulant that targets the central nervous system and diet and exercise is meant to treat obesity in overweight people. They also say it may have other applications depending of course on the individual being treated.

The Good

Adipex uses a 37.5mg dose which has been proven to work in most patients to suppress appetite. It targets the body and works effectively, becoming the most popular prescription weight loss supplement on the market. It is the biggest marketer in Phentermine products in general. It is coupled with lifestyle changes and otherwise.

The Bad

The results really only keep coming for a few weeks at a time, and it can cause serious side effects. If it works, it suddenly stops working, and it often causes chest pain, rapid weight gain, swelling, lightheadedness, fainting, shortness of breath, unusual thoughts or behaviors, fast or uneven heartbeat, increased blood pressure, severe headache, blurred vision, trouble concentrating, chest pain, numbness, seizures, insomnia, dry mouth, diarrhea, constipation, or itching.

The Skinny

Adipex realistically does not promote that much weight loss at all. It uses an ingredient and method which is questionable, to say the least, and quite dangerous in fact. Adipex doesn’t help you to achieve anything good, and it can make life in general quite hard, even after you stop taking it. We would not recommend this product to anyone.

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