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This product is manufactured and distributed through Gate Pharmaceuticals. This company, which was founded in 1990, is basically the American branch for Teva Pharmaceuticals which is in Israel. This product is the only weight loss product that this company makes. They claim that this product is the result of much research and studies. This product was designed for obese individuals and can only be obtained through a prescription from your doctor.

The main ingredient used in Adipex-P is phentermine. This FDA approved ingredient works as an anorectic and as an appetite suppressant. This product is only available for short amounts of time because it is somewhat addictive. This pill helps fight hunger and as a result, users eat less.

The Good

This product is only taken once a day. We like this because it is realistic and isn’t a huge hassle for people who lead busy lives. Another thing that we like is that this product comes with a healthy lifestyle. Further, this product does actually show promising signs for suppressing your appetite. This allows people to eat healthier and not eat as many calories in one day which eventually leads to weight loss.

The Bad

One thing that we don’t like is that this product seems to wear off in a short amount of time. This is why they only prescribe it for a short period. Another thing that we don’t like is that some users complain that this product keeps them up at night. Losing sleep is really hard on the body, and those who don’t get a good night’s rest usually tend to eat more to make up for their lack of energy.

The Skinny

This product should only be taken as a last resort. It does work; however, there are more mild answers out there that are a good choice for those who are looking to lose just a few pounds. We recommend that you do a bit more research and compare ingredients to find a product that you know will work and that will work best for you. There is no need to go get a prescription from your doctor when there are plenty of other products out there to choose from.

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