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The whole purpose of this product is to say “adios” too fat. Adios is a weight loss product based out of the UK and is limited only to the UK and cannot be bought outside of that country. Creators of this product claim that Adios will help you burn fat, lose weight and increase energy, all in a healthy way. Adios is made up of only herbal ingredients, with no stimulants, and is said to be a healthier way to lose weight.

The Good

There are no major side effects when it comes to using this product due to the strictly herbal ingredients. Some of the weight loss pills out there can cause some serious side effects, but you don’t have to worry about that with Adios. If this product isn’t an effective weight loss supplement, at least it can act as a good multivitamin and can provide your body with some added nutrition.

The Bad

There are no ingredients in this product that even promote weight loss. We looked for some of the top ingredients found in successful weight loss supplements and could not find them within this ingredient list. Therefore, don’t expect to lose any weight if you use this product. Also, this product is completely overpriced at $26 a bottle for only herbal ingredients. Don’t expect any weight loss appetite suppression if you use this product.

The Skinny

We would not recommend Adios as a weight loss supplement. Not only does it not include active ingredients that promote weight loss, but it is extremely overpriced for what you are getting. There are plenty of weight loss products out there that can help you get your desired results and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

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