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If you have been diagnosing with ADD or ADHD, this product was created for you. This product was created in order to increase alertness, focus, energy, and concentration. Any use of this product without being prescribed to it by a doctor or specialist is against the law. If you wish to try this product, you must first be tested. Now, of course, the implication is that in terms of dieting, and this has not actually been suggested by medical professionals, you will better be able to achieve your goals and exercise. But then again, exercise is also supposed to help to control mild ADD or ADHD.

The Good

Unless you have ADD, obviously this is not a good product to use. But what people don’t understand is that Adderall is an extreme stimulant in layman’s terms. If you don’t have ADD, it might have too much of a stimulating effect. But in someone with ADD, it has the exact opposite effect interestingly enough, actually reducing excessive energy and stimulating to the point of some kind of mild fatigue and calm one could say.

The Bad

One major negative side effect that a lot of people have reported is insomnia. This product helps with energy, alertness, and concentration for long periods of time, so a lot of people who take this product have a hard time getting tired or even sleeping because their mind is still going when it’s time to go to bed. Another major negative side effect is irreversible liver damage. This being said, it is again a prescription that is not appropriate for anybody who does not have a very specific problem.

The Skinny

As we said earlier, if you have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD then this product is for you. However, if you are just looking for a weight loss product, we don’t recommend Adderall. There are more effective weight loss products out there that don’t make you skip meals, don’t require a prescription and don’t cost a lot of money. And frankly, health-wise, Adderall can without question be potentially dangerous

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