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Actislim Ultra is the all-natural diet pill that gives you a ”combination of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts.” It wasn’t so long ago that was your sole and lone description of Actislim Ultra. They did not give the common consumer any other details, and that was their whole web page, selling exclusively in the UK. Still, they held their own. Maybe consumers like simplicity, maybe they were just sick of overbearing and confusing websites, and maybe they thought that things like clinical studies were a bit much. No matter the reason, Actislim Ultra changed its marketing strategy. They still offer different bottle sizes ranging from a week’s supply to six month’s supply. But now they offer a full ingredients list and other information that we expect to see no matter the diet pill!

The Good

Actislim Ultra now has a full ingredients list. Most of the ingredients found in Actislim Ultra are completely stimulant-free! We find one questionable. But for the most part, we can safely say that you are highly unlikely to experience any side effects unless you are allergic to the given ingredients. They also have an ingredient known as apple cider vinegar. This is one of the best all-natural detoxifiers, and even if you don’t use the right amounts, it does not cause diuretic or laxatives related side effects!

The Bad

Actislim Ultra does not actually have weight loss ingredients. Of course, apple cider vinegar can cleanse the body. But they don’t bother using the clinically proven amounts. Moreover, all of the other ingredients found in Actislim Ultra have no relation at all. One example would be garlic, which can help you to improve heart health. But it does not burn fat, suppress appetite, cleanse the body, build lean muscle mass, or anything else. Most of the ingredients would more likely fall into a category known as essential vitamins and minerals. Again, they do not actually promote any real weight loss results! So there is no point in all of this.

The Skinny

Actislim Ultra was long known as the mystery product. They provided something like 10 words to describe their product, and that was it, that was all. Now that they provide a longer sales pitch and an actual ingredients list, we see why. They don’t really have any clinically proven or even suggested weight loss ingredients! So while Actislim Ultra is relatively safe, it’s not the product that you want.

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