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Acomplia is a new brand of prescription weight loss supplements. It is known as a cannabinoid 1 receptor blocker or CB1, and they essentially block the addictive responses. So, in essence, it could theoretically treat drugs, obsessive eating habits, and otherwise. It works in the brain, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and adipose tissue.

The Good

It is produced by Sanofi Aventis, which is responsible for Allegra and Ambien among others. So they are quite experienced in the world of prescriptions and medications in general. Its formula is extremely simple, and it has been used to a certain degree in patients across the world.

The Bad

It was never approved by the American FDA, and because of serious side effects reported including suicide or suicidal tendencies in some patients, Sanofi Aventis was actually forced to shut down production, especially after their product was banned from many European markets in general. They, of course, tried to put the best spin possible on it. But they have also been accused of actually trying to hide negative results of clinical studies in general.

The Skinny

Acomplia is unlikely to appear back on the market, and Sanofi Aventis is unlikely to try to make it again. They may try to produce it under a different name. But if you hear of any product meant to fight against addictions in general and therefore promote weight loss, we would be cautious, especially considering the side effects and the fact that many showed it was more effective against smoking than weight loss.

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