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Accuslim is a weight loss supplement designed to control the body’s ability to absorb carbohydrates. It is specifically designed for those times when you cheat on your diet and treat yourself to something normally restricted. Everyone needs a break once in a while. If taken with a carbohydrate it claims to have the ability to keep your body from storing the fat and carbohydrates, and to use them as energy instead. This sounds like something many could use, but is it effective?

The Good

Accuslim contains and relies largely upon chromium, which has been used to control natural blood sugar levels and therefore to control cravings.

The Bad

Realistically, the only time when carb blocking is going to be effective for weight loss is if you’re already on a low carb diet, which most users of Accuslim are not. Moreover, chromium does not block carbs, it controls blood sugar. Studies have shown it to promote weight loss in one group of athletes. All other studies have failed to show any real difference in terms of weight loss. And they don’t even have the needed amount for any benefits at all.

The Skinny

Accuslim is not overall very effective. It has safe ingredients, natural ingredients yes. But unfortunately, in this case, that does not actually translate over to being effective. Accuslim does not have the power to show any results at all, and we would definitely recommend that you find something else that would be more effective. So we would definitely recommend finding something else.

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