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Accomplix is “America’s hottest new weight loss formula.” They claim to have clinical trials that show that it specifically works for 87% of all people. But outside of FDA approved products and prescriptions essentially speaking, there are no studies or at least not publicized and legitimate studies that have been conducted on a specific product. They have been conducted on certain ingredients that they may claim to have as their key ingredient.

The Good

They claim their product to be revolutionary, and they use some household fat burners like cinnamon as well as the proven fat burner known as green tea. Green tea has of course been studied in hundreds of different studies and shown results in each one.

The Bad

Most of their ingredients are useless vitamins or hyped up ingredients in general. They don’t actually show greater results. They have guarana, which doesn’t work unless you also have yerba mate and damiana. But they don’t have those two ingredients. Their few proven ingredients are not actually found in the right amounts, making it impossible for Accomplix to promote weight loss at all. And frankly, it can still cause some potentially nasty caffeine-related side effects for the most part. So obviously, there is no real positive trade-off with this product.

The Skinny

We would not recommend using Accomplix. It doesn’t promote fat burning or weight loss in general, and most of its ingredients are purely hyped including the infamous hoodia, which you can’t even obtain outside of South Africa anyway. There are side effects associated with this formula, and we would not recommend using it to anyone

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