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Do you tend to retain water leading to weight gain? Accomplix H2O was designed for people like you. It is supposed to help your body flush out fluids to help you decrease the effects of bloating and water retention. By using specific diuretic ingredients it is formulated to help your body flush out extra fluid, and increase the health of your urinary system. As far as weight loss goes, we weren’t sure how effective this product would be. We have researched the good and bad of this product to find out if it is worth your money.

The Good

Accomplix H2O contains natural ingredients that have been shown to act as diuretics. It will most likely be successful in helping to decrease bloating, and by eliminating lose weight, you can lose weight rather quickly.

The Bad

Diuretics temporarily promote weight loss. But realistically speaking, water weight cannot really be easily kept off, and to be honest, the simple fact is that it is doing more harm than good. It makes weight loss in the future actually harder, and your body does actually need that water weight. Most people are already chronically dehydrated, and the best way to eliminate bloating is to actually drink more water. So honestly speaking, you are doing all damage and no good.

The Skinny

Accomplix H2O is just another weight loss product that may provide a few results but ultimately will not give you the results you really want. Those who take it also need to be aware of the effects that diuretics can have on the body. Many times it can make your body deficient in nutrients, and so it is important to supplement with a multi-vitamin. In the end, we do not recommend this product if you really want weight loss results.

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