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Accelis is a stimulant-free alternative to the everyday diet pill. They claim it will show you greater results in general and help you to “lose an average of 10.65 pounds fast.” However, they don’t actually specify what “fast” is supposed to be at this time. They also talk about various clinical studies and clinical proof in general with their specific formula.

The Good

They do have various kinds of teas, which are packed with antioxidants to improve health and also improve fat burning in general. One of those major ones is green tea, which is of course well known as it has been through literally hundreds of different studies.

The Bad

Frankly, teas can cause various side effects as they are also packed with caffeine. They use caffeine-free versions. But the problem is that the reason why these teas burn fat is because of the caffeine. So you really don’t get results without it. In addition, they actually have extremely small amounts of these teas that would not work even if you had the caffeine element.

The Skinny

Accelis is an imitator in every way. It does not promote weight loss, and it does not promote results in general. It doesn’t help you to lose more weight or achieve greater results. In truth, you would be better off using just about anything else quite literally speaking. There are other products that don’t have to use decaffeinated forms of caffeine that don’t actually work without the caffeine. We would suggest not using this product.

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