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Acaislim claims that with the power of acai, all things are possible. In short, you can get rid of gas, bloating, 20 pounds of excess weight, low energy levels, and other problems commonly associated with toxins, because they use the #1 superfood or so a talk show host says. Interestingly, Oprah’s main talk show host and didn’t actually name a #1 superfood. And the obviously more qualified Dr. Perricone again never named acai as the #1 superfood by any means.

The Good

Acai is a powerful fruit that can give you weight lose nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and even good fatty acids. It also provides you with an antioxidant level to be reckoned with, and it could potentially help you to lower bad cholesterol and basically keep things under control to some degree.

The Bad

Acai is not a detoxifying ingredient, and they don’t name any other ingredients. They focus on the hype surrounding acai rather than the facts, and they have to use a “free trial offer” scam to sell their product through an expensive and reportedly impossible to cancel the auto-ship program on which there are no refunds. Let us be very clear. Whenever you see claims like this, run in the other direction. Acai does not promote weight loss in any way including cleansing or fat burning, and it is just a fruit!

The Skinny

We would not recommend using Acaislim. It doesn’t give you the results you are looking for and it doesn’t help you with anything else. Acaislim is plain and simple, a waste of your time and money. We would recommend staying far away from it consequently unless of course you like getting ripped off.

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