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Acai Burn is promoted as the ultimate acai product that is supposed to be used by all the Hollywood starlets that we admire and emulate.  This being said, they claim that acai will, of course, help you to lose weight fast and improve the way your body works by detoxifying it, because it is, of course, the wonder drug.  After all, it’s the “#1 superfood”, even though technically Dr. Perricone has never actually said that.  Interesting huh?

The Good

We actually like the basic formula of Acai Burn, shocker.  They use proven ingredients including Gymnema Sylvestre, chromium, Garcinia Cambogia, and green tea.  The part we really love is the fact that when combining the first 3 ingredients, you actually get greater weight loss results.  And of course, green tea is quite literally the most popular weight loss supplement out there right now.

The Bad

While these are popular and effective IN THE RIGHT AMOUNTS, they don’t have the right amounts! They would show those off, we would show those off.  But they don’t have them!  This would explain why they focus on acai, the only ingredient in their blend that DOES NOT PROMOTE WEIGHT LOSS!  It explains why they would in some ways shoot themselves in the proverbial foot!  We don’t understand why they can’t just use a legitimate formula.  It would certainly make things easier.

The Skinny

We would not recommend using Acai Burn.  It doesn’t promote weight loss, plain and simple.  It looks good on the surface to some degree.  We were even impressed initially.  But you don’t have to look too deep to figure things out.  You don’t have to look to deep to lose that initial admiration.  There are plenty of reasons why we do not recommend Acai Burn.  But these are definitely the main ones.

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