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Acai Berry Select is an herbal weight loss supplement. It claims to help you detox your body using the acai berry and other additional nutrients. They claim that this formula is so powerful that you will be able to burn fat, drop pounds fast, cleanse your body, improve your skin, and otherwise achieve all of the generalized benefits of a cleanse with some added due to the ultimate power of acai. They focus on the media hype surrounding acai, and they claim that you can find nothing better.

The Good

Green tea, when combined with chromium polynicotinate has been shown to have some weight loss results when put in the right amount. And honestly speaking, acai does have a number of powerful antioxidants and vitamins to go with it.

The Bad

While they talk about acai and everything else, the reality is that they do not have even one cleansing ingredient. Acai is a fruit and nothing more, it does not actually cleanse the body per day. This being said, the simple fact and figure of the matter are that frankly speaking, green tea and chromium do not promote that effect either. Green tea can promote weight loss. But realistically speaking, they don’t have the right amounts. So you would get no results there either. And better yet, they actually have a “free trial offer.” This basically means that they are drawing you into an expensive auto-ship order on a product that they know very well won’t actually work.

The Skinny

Acai Berry Select has capitalized on the popularity of the acai berry. However, the reality is that they don’t actually have any valid cleansing ingredients, and they don’t have the right amounts of other ingredients to promote actual weight loss results. So obviously, we would not recommend that you bother with Acai Berry Select.

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