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Acai Berry Power 500 claims that you can look better, feel better, and get all of the results that you have seen on TV. They have a “free trial offer” which is basically a way of disguising an expensive auto-ship order. But they say that you will flush out excess pounds, break up and remove harmful toxins, have more energy, fight fatigue, and flatten your tummy while reducing gas and bloating, which appeals to many in general.

The Good

They don’t really have anything good that we have seen.

The Bad

Acai Berry Power 500 uses a free trial offer to scam you into their product. They don’t actually give you any kind of ingredients list, hoping that you won’t notice and ask too many questions. And ultimately speaking, Acai Berry Power 500 does not actually have any valid ingredients. Acai is not a weight loss supplement. In fact, acai is just a fruit that does not burn fat, nor does it effectively speaking cleanse the body.

The Skinny

We would definitely recommend that you use something other than Acai Berry Power 500. It will not help you to lose weight, and it will not help you to achieve any other benefits and results. We would definitely recommend that you find something other than Acai Berry Power 500 to give you the results that you are looking for. We would recommend something with legitimate ties, legitimate ingredients, and everything else that ultimately speaking you will not actually find here.

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