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Acai Balance claims to do everything from cleansing your body and burning fat to actually fighting cancer, improving skin tone, and otherwise providing benefits that you might not expect from a normal diet pill.  They claim to effectively speak flatten your tummy while also naturally increasing your energy levels and otherwise helping to make the weight loss experience a good one.

The Good

They have some good superfruits in the mix.  These have plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  They also have green tea, which could potentially burn fat in amounts of 400mg or more.

The Bad

They don’t actually have the 400mg needed, and fruits neither cleanse the body or otherwise burn fat.  Frankly speaking, their claims about fighting cancer are fraudulent, to say the least, and they really should be shut down for it.  This formula has no potential for weight loss or ultimately speaking any other benefits.  They don’t even disclose all the details like the amounts of fruit.  So obviously enough, you can see that Acai Balance will only cause side effects, not weight loss benefits. While the amounts are inconsequential to weight loss results, the fact that they don’t disclose amounts says plenty.

The Skinny

We would not recommend using Acai Balance.  It will not promote weight loss, and it will not achieve any other benefits at all.  You would be much better off using something else.  Acai Balance will be just another waste of your time and money.  After all, they have to rely on unsubstantiated hype surrounding an ingredient that does not promote weight loss! Luckily, there are much better products out there.

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