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A few months ago, this would have been a different review. We would tell you that acai does not promote weight loss, Acai A1 is a scam, and the only way that Acai A1 makes any sales is by tricking you into an expensive auto-ship disguised as a “14-day free trial offer.” But take a look for yourself, there are some things about Acai A1 that have changed.

No More Free Trial Offer

I’ve seen this more than once. The consumer gets sick of being ripped off, the consumer cancels the credit card and makes serious complaints to everybody who will listen, the company switches tactics and stops using a “free trial offer” scam. I haven’t seen the stats. So I can’t say if the company actually makes more money. But I can say that company execs deal with fewer complaints, have fewer encounters with the BBB and other big complaints boards, and the likelihood is that life is a little bit easier. But that’s not all.

Serious Price Drop

By serious….well just take a look for yourself. I found several complaints boards claiming that they found a $69.99 charge on their credit card after ordering the “free trial offer.” Now, Acai A1 only charges consumers $24 a bottle, less than half of the original price!

What Has Not Changed

The one thing that matters remains the same. Acai A1 has the same formula. Acai A1 is still based on acai, and Acai A1 still has no clinically proven weight loss ingredients. The other ingredients are nothing more than essential vitamins and minerals. Acai A1 is still a ripoff, even at the much lower price of $24, and acai has not transformed into a miraculous fat burner.

Acai A1 Conclusion

Acai A1 has changed marketing strategies, which is helpful, but not good enough. I want to see a clinically proven weight loss formula! I want to see something outside of acai as the key ingredient! I want to see reasonable and realistic advertising! I’m not asking for much. I just want what every consumer should be able to expect from any valid diet pill.

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