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Abs+ is a product by Genuine Health that is marketed for its ability to promote a leaner body. They claim that it will eliminate fat, specifically around the abdomen, and you will finally be able to get those lean abs and the 6 pack you’ve always wanted. But does it work? Does it actually give you the results so many of us have dreamed of?

The Good

Abs+ is backed by a clinical trial that allows it to claim increases in lean body mass. It contains effective ingredients CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and green tea. If used in the right amounts, both of these could promote greater weight loss and fat burning results.

The Bad

This product does not really have what you would need. Abs+, unfortunately, while having the right ingredients, does not have the right amounts. We say the right ingredients somewhat lightly considering CLA has a total effect of just 2 pounds difference per year! This being said, obviously enough, there is a problem being that this product doesn’t even use the required 4500mg for that, let alone do they use the required 400mg for green tea. And of course, there is no ingredient or otherwise, that targets any one area of fat including the belly.

The Skinny

Abs+ is a waste of time and money. It has a couple of good ingredients. But it does not use the clinically proven amounts, and they are somewhat weak in the first place. The simple reality is that this product has been associated with some caffeine-related side effects. But the major thing to remember is that they don’t actually have what you would need, and it otherwise does not give you anything that you would really need for success.

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