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AbGone is designed to help you lose belly fat by controlling the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for belly fat when contained in high concentrations in the body. It is associated with stress levels, and sometimes with dietary fats. AbGone uses certain ingredients to decrease cortisol, increase metabolism, and decrease the amount of fat that your body stores. It seems like it could be a promising product so let’s take a look at how effective it really is.

The Good

AbGone contains many vitamins and minerals that can be good for overall health. It also contains CLA that has been shown to provide many weight loss benefits. However, it must be used in the correct amounts, and with other ingredients. Overall if used in the correct amounts, AbGone’s ingredients can provide some good weight loss benefits.

The Bad

AbGone contains CLA as we mentioned, but that requires at least 4500mg to work. They use a small fraction of the clinically proven and required amounts! They use another cleanser known as dandelion root. But again, they don’t actually bother using the clinically proven amounts, and it’s more likely to cause dehydrating and other side effects related to diuretics than anything else.

The Skinny

AbGone may have some benefits for a few who find that they have trouble losing belly fat. However, no product can target belly fat specifically. Everyone gains fat and loses fat easier in some places than others. You can only work for overall fat loss, there is no way to really target one area. Due to the misleading claims of this product, and the lack of effective ingredients we do not recommend this product. If you’re looking to reduce belly fat it is best to find an overall weight loss pill that is effective.

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