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Abdominal Cuts is a product manufactured by Revolution that focuses on good fats. It has yellow capsules and a clear bottle, and it is completely stimulant-free of course as good fats are. They claim its soft gels make it easier to swallow and each bottle has 90 to promote thermogenic activity in the body for greater fat loss results at large.

The Good

They do have the proven good fat CLA. CLA has been proven in certain doses to actually promote greater fat loss and muscle building potential over time. CLA could ideally in and of itself help you to achieve greater results than you really could without it. It does not have known side effects or stimulants.

The Bad

They use a fraction of what would be required with CLA to produce results. In addition, it should be noted that greater weight loss would be about 3 pounds per year. So it’s not as significant as they make it sound. They do have sesame oil. But it’s not sesame oil that promotes weight loss, nor do any of the other good fats they use. It is the active component known as sesamin which is found in too small an amount in regular sesame oil to produce the fat burning results. They really don’t have weight loss results.

The Skinny

We would not recommend Abdominal Cuts. It is underpowered and based on false pretenses, to say the least. It doesn’t give you any of the results, not even the small results you could have expected with the right amounts of CLA, which they really don’t use. All in all, Abdominal Cuts is a huge waste of time and money.

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