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Ab Coaster is the revolutionary new exercise machine that is taking over the world! With Ab, Coaster¸you will finally be able to get the benefits of working from the bottom up! It works in the opposite manner of a traditional crunch, and they say that you will be able to get the secret of many gymnasts and bodybuilders. Before, you had to use plyometrics to get this effect. But Ab Coaster makes it easy for the average citizen to get exactly what they are looking for. It even makes the most difficult of exercises that much simpler. It is designed for everyone. But does Ab Coaster actually work?

The Good Things About Ab Coaster

Ab Coaster does not have any known side effects, and with its motion technology, it can actually help you to bend and contract the muscles to build more lean muscle mass.

The Bad Things About Ab Coaster

Ab Coaster does not burn fat. You could do all of the plyometrics or crunches in the world. Sometimes, because of the intensity, plyometrics could even potentially create sweating of the body. But in order to burn fatyou have to use some kind of cardio. With Ab Coaster, you can spend as much time as you want. But realistically speaking, it is not what you think.

The Skinny

We would not recommend using the Ab Coaster. You could teach yourself to use plyometrics. You could work with a personal trainer, and unfortunately, Ab Coaster does not actually compare in effectiveness to plyometrics. But you will find that the Ab Coaster most importantly does not give you a cardio effect. Therefore, it does not actually burn fat. And it does not give you the defined abs that they talk about.

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