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8Zone is a formula made up by the Olympic speed skater Apollo Anton Ohno. He is the creator and founder of this product, and they promise that you will finally be able to lose weight and see all the greater benefits that you want. They talk about 8Zone finally being the one to help you to take control. And it will give you more weight loss, energy, and everything else, helping your body to achieve more than just weight loss. So does 8Zone actually work?

The Good

They do have some healthy ingredients. For example, they have various superfruits and vegetables, and they have some proven fat burners like citrus Aurantium and green tea that can promote greater fat burning results.

The Bad

They have only small amounts of these ingredients, and ultimately speaking, they do not actually have many of the right ingredients. Yes, fruits and vegetables are healthy. But when you put them into a pill, they do not actually promote any weight loss results. With this in mind, the simple fact is that sleep aids likewise do not promote weight loss, and so even though they have 3 parts, none of them actually work, even when combined.

The Skinny

We were half expecting to see the same formula under 3 different names. We saw 3 actually different formulas. But 2 out of the 3 didn’t even have any weight loss ingredients at all, and realistically speaking, the simple fact is that they never used the right amounts. They depend on celebrity names alone, and they are just like other low-grade products.

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