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Also known as Hoodia850, 850Hoodia claims that you can suppress your appetite with a “huge” 90 count bottle and scientific evidence as well as 850mg of hoodia per bottle.  They claim that you will get the diet of the stars and otherwise the results you are looking for, even being endorsed supposedly by Oprah.  They claim Desperate Housewives Stars, Nichole Ritchie, and others have used it.

The Good

They keep it pretty simple claiming to have one ingredient. They must have had some effect for a few people due to the endorsements, however, you must remember that stars who endorse products are getting paid, and also have personal trainers.

The Bad

They can’t actually get hoodia.  It is illegal to export hoodia from South Africa.  Moreover, every legitimate clinical study has found that it does not suppress appetite or otherwise promotes weight loss, no matter the amount.  But it has been known in some cases to cause liver damage.  This being said, they use examples of at least one star who is speculated to actually suffer from an eating disorder, which is not a good association to say the least.

The Skinny

All in all, this screams scam in every way.  You don’t even know what’s actually in the formula!  Your time is completely wasted on this product, and we would highly advise finding something else.  With something else, you might actually be able to lose weight and achieve greater results.  With this formula, you will only likely suffer as of yet unknown side effects.

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