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8-FX is created by MRI and focuses on BMI, fat percentage, and waist measurements in general. They claim that if you are holding onto fat, it will address your 8 major problems. It will increase metabolism, fat oxidation, thyroid health in general, focus, energy, mood, thermogenic activity, and cAMP breakdown. So the question is, are these really the 8 reasons why you are not losing weight?

The Good

They do use some proven ingredients such as raspberry ketones and green tea along with Advantra-Z. These could in the right amounts promote greater weight loss. And assuming it used those amounts, you could achieve rather fast results.

The Bad

They don’t use the right amounts of said ingredients, they only use small and insufficient proprietary blends. This is unfortunately all too common in this particular industry, even though it never works. In addition, they use yohimbine, which doesn’t promote weight loss in any way but does cause liver damage, kidney damage, heart attack, and stroke in some users. All in all, they give you a product that won’t work, and then you are stuck with varying other problems.

The Skinny

You don’t want to buy 8-FX. It doesn’t work, and it doesn’t provide the results you are looking for. It has various side effects with a Metabolism that really shouldn’t even be in any weight loss product for sheer lack of efficacy and results. We would not recommend this product in any way, and honestly, you would never see results with it, but could easily see more results without it.

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