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7-DFB promises that you can lose 7 pounds in your first 7 days or your money back. Then again, some have lost 14 or even 21 pounds in their first 7 days. So who really knows what you could achieve if you were to use it right, right? Anyway, they claim to have the ultimate detoxifier and fat burner in one that will finally help you to improve energy and health as well.

The Good

They have a complex blend of all the right ingredients in the right amounts, and with this, you could actually ideally speaking flush out a certain amount of toxic buildup and otherwise achieve all the results you are looking for. With 7-DFB, you could ideally be speaking get rid of that belly bulge, because they first remembered to use the basic detoxifiers that many forget about such as red raspberry leaf, buchu leaves, dandelion root, etc. But they also remembered extra fibers, fruits, antioxidants, vitamins, and otherwise.

The Bad

There really is no bad about this

The Skinny

7-DFB does exactly what it’s supposed to. It naturally detoxifies the body and gives you the results you are looking for. 7-DFB will help you to naturally flush out your system of toxic chemicals and toxins, and you will finally be able to make your body work for you again losing weight and achieving all the other results you are looking for. You could use this to jump-start your diet yes. But you could also use it every other week to really improve health over time and keep your body functioning in a better fat-burning manner in general.

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