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7 Day Herbal Slim is described as “safe and free of side effects, no rebound.” Beyond that, it mentions a few of the ingredients used, but really nothing else. Technically, 7 Day Herbal Slim doesn’t say that it promotes weight loss. You assume as much from the name and the “no rebound” comment. But it’s hard to say, especially without looking at the ingredients.

The Formula in 7 Day Herbal Slim

Seville orange flower – Otherwise known as the bitter orange fruit, Seville orange flower has been used to burn fat, suppress appetite, and increase energy as a natural alternative to ephedrine. But it doesn’t work unless you use at least 250mg.

Lingzhi – A natural mushroom, it has been used in some areas of traditional medicine. But it has never actually been proven to promote weight loss

Konjak – Konjak is actually spelled konjac. But it’s another name for glucomannan. It has been used to suppress appetite while potentially lowering cholesterol.

Cassia seed – Cassia seed has been used to block fat according to some. But this has never been proven

Lotus leaf – Lotus leaf is rich in vitamins and minerals. But it doesn’t actually promote weight loss

Koala nut – Koala nut we assume is kola nut, which has been used in amounts of about 3000mg to suppress appetite.

Sibutramine – 7 Day Herbal Slim doesn’t technically name this ingredient. But there have been a few reports that 7 Day Herbal Slim snuck it in. Sibutramine is a prescription that cannot be legally used in over the counter supplements, and it has some pretty extreme side effects.

The Skinny

7 Day Herbal Slim uses ingredients that are proposed to promote positive weight loss results. But it does not actually have any clinically proven amounts, and its ingredients and everything else are highly suspect at best. 7 Day Herbal Slim has pushed itself as a powerful supplement for a long time. But with so little information and the controversy associated with prescription supplement use, there are far better options available.

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