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The 7 Day Detox was developed to help you to lose 7 pounds every 7 days through its superior detoxification blend of ingredients. There have been multiple reports, however, that claim you could actually lose up to 7, 14, even 21 pounds in your first 7 days alone! It is reported that you can change your body and your life. You can expect to increase natural energy, improve skin tone, and basically detoxify your body, which has all kinds of benefits that you might not even be able to imagine and certainly would not find in your average diet pill to say the least.

The Good

7 Day Detox does have a powerful blend of detoxifying ingredients. 7 Day Detox will finally help you to achieve that cleansing effect without any of the harmful side effects that may have kept you from attempting a detox before. This has been somewhat unavoidable in the paste as the detoxifying elements haven’t been discriminating between elimination of harmful toxins and essential vitamins and minerals. The 7 Day Detox, however, helps you to avoid all of this and therefore enjoy positive results immediately. This product contains the most optimal blend of ingredients that we have come across at this time.

The Bad

As this product has been engineered to offer the best detoxifying results with as few adverse effects as possible we can see no “bad” side to this product especially when compared with other detoxes that have not developed their products with such measures in mind.

The Skinny

The 7 Day Detox is definitely a supplement to consider. It can jump start your diet plan and keep it going in many cases. The 7 Day Detox has many incredibly powerful detoxifying ingredients, and when you use something like this, you are basically jump starting your metabolism and allowing your body to function as it is supposed to. You will have more energy for workouts, a greater metabolic rate when mobile and when resting, you can eliminate those progress stalling cravings, and the benefits truly are endless even beyond your weight loss hopes and dreams.

7 Day Detox Customer Reviews

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    So far I have only used it for one day, and I will tell you I lost 3 pounds in one day. It made me incredibly sick. I don’t what is in it that made me sick, but it made my stomach hurt so bad hours after I took the first dose that I didn’t take the second dose. My stomach got really bloated, Slim Body and I was taking all kinds of stomach things such as famoditine, zantac, pepto, and finally a vicodin for the pain. Finally I got major diarehea. That lasted about 3 hours. I weighed myself this morning and I had lost 3 pounds. I don’t know if it was worth it. I sure like the idea of losing the weight. But, I was in major pain, that I thought I was going to have to go the hospital. I do suffer from IBS, so that could be that my stomach is super sensitive. I think what I will do is cut the dose down and see what happens. For anyone who is like me, beware. But, Wow, 3 pounds in one day! But, what hell to I went through for it! I almost was laying on the bathroom floor crying in pain. That’s pretty bad! Forgive the typos!

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