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The 5 Factor Diet is available both in a book and online form.  They claim that it was created by Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer who turned his secrets over to you.  He provides a 5 week plan with 5 meals per day, 5 cheat meals(1 per week), 5 ingredient meals, 25 minute workouts with 5 different workouts, and you get the basic idea.  It is all centered around the #5, which some might say is arbitrary.  But why not right?

The Good

This is a simple diet plan.  You cannot possibly get confused, because how do you really get confused when everything is centered around one thing: the number 5.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this diet is not based on fact.  Yes, 5 meals per day is something you could find in any online forum FOR FREE.  But that’s where the logic ends.  Having 5 ingredients in your meals doesn’t guarantee any kind of health or weight loss.  Moreover, 25 minute workouts aren’t actually sufficient to burn fat.  Experts now say that you need at least an hour of cardio alone.  And the fact that it’s not even a long term weight loss plan doesn’t help anything.

The Skinny

They use the 5 Factor Diet and a 5 Label fat week plan to pull you in.  Everybody wants fast results.  Everybody wants weight loss now and not later.  Therefore, programs like these promise you results in 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 90 days.  But realistically speaking, without a lifestyle change, you really won’t lose weight in the long run, gaining it all back and potentially gaining back more.  We would highly recommend finding something besides the 5 Factor Diet.

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