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The 365 Day Diet Pill contains enough pills in a single bottle for a whole years use, hence the “365” in the name. 365 Day Diet Pill contains a patented time-release formula that delivers to your body the ingredients throughout the day. It is designed for consumers to take one pill a day with the idea that significant weight loss will accrue over time. 365 Day Diet Pill works in three ways to help you lose weight: it increases metabolism, improves digestion and suppresses appetite.

The Good

365 Day Diet Pill is a good formulation that has been created with several ffective ingredients including caffeine, chromium picolinate, glucomannan, green tea, and yerba mate. These are ingredients that are proven as effective weight loss agents and are utilized by careful manufacturers who do their homework when developing their products. 365 Day Diet Pill is inexpensive when you consider that you use just one bottle per year. The 365 Day Diet Pill retails for around $80a bottle. $80 divided by 12 months is actually only an average of around $7 a month! That is an unbelievable deal as even the most affordable products (whether they are effective or not) retail for at least $20 for a month’s supply. This is an astronomical deal that you are just not going to find elsewhere.

The Bad

We do our best to remain objective and bi-partisan but 365 Day Diet Pill had us at hello! With this catalog of supreme Weight Lose Ingredients at such a low price, we have absolutely nothing negative to say in regard to this product.

The Skinny

The 365 Day Diet Pill is by no means some fast diet pill that will help you to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. It is more of a gradual weight loss plan. Instead of seeing this as a bad thing you should recognize it for what it truly is; a permanent weight loss solution! Supplement that offer ridiculous amounts of weight lost in short time frames generally fail to deliver or the weight returns as fast as it left and normally brings a few extra pounds along with it. The 365 Day Diet Pill is a safe, effective, affordable solution that will help you lose weight and maintain that loss!

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