17 Day Diet Reviews

17 Day Diet Reviews

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17 Day Diet ReviewsI have a hard time trusting any product that is too secretive, including books like 17 Day Diet. Yes, the 17 Day Diet has been on Oprah, and yes it seems like the next big thing. But most sites don’t actually tell you how the 17 Day Diet works. Most sites just say oh 17 Day Diet says this, 17 Day Diet says that. Who cares! I want to know how the 17 Day Diet works!

With the internet growing every day, you can literally find anything online. The South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, and other common diets are strewn across the web! You no longer have to pay makers to tell you what to eat. You don’t even have to pay to be part of a support group, which many diets offer as an incentive. So why would you pay for the 17 Day Diet? What does it offer that is so much better than everything else?

The 17 Day Diet Secret

While closely guarded, I did find a basic description of how the 17 Day Diet works. I even found one example of a Cycle 1 meal plan, which includes: unlimited lean protein, unlimited non-starchy vegetables, 2 low sugar fruits, 2 probiotics, 1-2 servings of friendly fat, green tea, and 64oz of water. Does that sound familiar? It’s a LOW CARB DIET!

Technically the 17 Day Diet does limit you to 1200 calories during Cycle 1. So obviously, protein is not that unlimited. But this is virtually identical to phase 1 of the South Beach Diet!

Cycle 2 allows dieters to increase calorie intake, still limiting users to the same basic foods for “cleansing” purposes. But again, why are you paying for a book to tell you this?

The biggest issue I personally have with the 17 Day Diet is that the book recommends that you exercise for only 17 minutes during the first 2 cycles. After that, it does recommend that you increase your exercise to 30-60 minutes a day. But when scientists are saying that you need to exercise for at least an hour a day to lose weight, 17 minutes just isn’t going to cut it.

Food For Thought

This diet may be pretty healthy for diabetics and others who do well with a low carb diet. But it’s not particularly original. I give the 17 Day Diet two thumbs up because it does encourage healthy living, if you exercise more of course. It may become boring. But then what low carb diet doesn’t?

My issue is why should you pay for this when you can get it for free. The free version that you can find online is exactly the same. Technically, the online version does not call itself the “17 Day Diet.” But the maker of the 17 Day Diet has found an easy way to copy someone else and make millions off of it. I guess I just wish I’d come up with that kind of genius. It’s the lazy man’s way to make millions.


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